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Different Conveyors Transfer Table In The Automotive Glass Inodustry

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Fields Of Application: Automotive Glass

Machine Type: Conveyors

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Fields Of Application: Automotive Glass

Machine Type: Conveyors


The automobile glass production conveyor line is suitable for windshield and sunroof glass products such as cars, buses, engineering vehicles, etc. It can complete the production process of automobile glass such as transportation, handling, inspection, packaging and palletizing, EPBL line etc.

The production line introduces international advanced technology, has a high degree of automation, a reasonable structure, and which is durable.

It can reduce the number of operators and the intensity of the work, thereby reducing the company's operating costs and production costs.
Improve production efficiency and product quality, and at the same time improve a good corporate image.

According to the process requirement, and space limits, FUZUAN MACHINERY provides customized transfer conveyor line solution and also overall planning and design layout of the factory.

There are many types of conveyor lines, according to the different function and material, such as roller conveyor lines, belt conveyor lines, and chain conveyor lines, glass turning conveyors, lifting conveyors, positioning conveyors, tilting conveyor, conveyor with vertical bars, conveyor with shuttle etc.


Automotive glass production line, for cars, buses, trucks etc.

Front windscreen glass, door glass, sunroof glass, rear windshields, quarter glass, vent glass etc.

FUZUAN MACHINERY provides various glass conveyor table and lines in the automotive glass industry, feel free to contact me for more details.

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