Expert At Automotive Glass Processing And Manufacturing




Is FUZUAN a trading company or manufacturer?

FUZUAN is a manufacturer, we’re supplier for automotive glass processing machinery, and we design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, inspection and testing the equipment at FUZUAN’s works, we can also accept Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) according to customers’ requirements.

Do you provide service installation and SAT?

Yes, apart from the installation and SAT responsibilities, we also provide training and ensure all support, including software handshaking, to interface the supplied equipment with the attached automation equipment provided by the Owner from their other vendors.

How to ensure the quality of the machines?

Before the shipment, we will conduct debugging and testing at FUZUAN’s workshop, only after PASS, the equipment can be delivery to our customers’ location.

For equipment itself, we adopt reliable design and imported electrical components to extend the service life.

Before the order, we can also arrange the visit to our plant and the factory in operation and check the equipment operation and performance on the spot.

Do you provide any technical information and manuals for us?

Yes, all documents, drawings, instructions, operation, maintenance and safety manuals, labels and any other data shall be in English language and shall be submitted to the Owner after the award of the Contract.

How about the Payment terms?

We accept T/T or L/C.

How about the Lead-time?

For general standards, 2-3 Months

For customized equipment, 4-5 Months after receiving the down payment.