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Laminated Automotive Glass

Laminated Windshield Glass Production Line

A typical Complete Laminated windshield line usually consists of following basic steps,

Automotive Pre-processing

Pre-processing involves a number of preparatory activities, ahead of submitting the glass to heat treatment.
They includes,

Cutting out the flat glass template from standard, rectangular 'block sizes' of automotive float;


Edge-working the shaped, but still flat, piece of glass to provide a smoothed glass edge;

Washing the glass, before clean-room printing is undertaken


Printing and drying systems for paints, printing of shade bands etc.

Glass Bending furnace

Post-process for Windshields

Glass separator

Bent glass washing and drying

PVB Assembly conveyor, Assembly of glass and vinyl interlayer can be performed either automatically or semi-automatically in clean room.

Pre-Heating & Vacuuming furnace, this De-airing process is a fundamental step in laminating production, emptying the air between the glass and the vinyl in order to consolidate the laminate.


PVB Shaping line

There are various designs of windshield production lines depending on automation, productivity, labor force, investment & space, etc.

Final, inspection & packing line

At the exit of the Autoclave, laminated glass undergoes interlayer trimming operation and, after final washing, it enters in the Final Inspection Line, consisting of in both visual and optical checks.
The final line consists of the following steps,

Loading/unloading autoclave conveyor

Shaping check system

PVB trimming system

Final inspection line

Packing line