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How much do you know about car glass?

With the popularity of cars and the improvement of living standards, car owners gradually began to pay attention to car beauty, car appearance, car power and so on, but ignored the key accessories they have to face every time they drive: car glass.

When the car glass is broken, you may think: buy a cheap one, the cheaper the better. It's not just for the wind and rain, as long as you can see it. Wrong, wrong, wrong! How much do you know about the hazards? When you drive, you always feel uncomfortable and dizzy. You go to the hospital for various examinations and suspect that you have a physical problem, but after the examination, you haven't had anything. Did you think you changed a piece of fake and shoddy car glass some time ago?

Many unscrupulous businesses will be exposed every year to sort out a blacklist for consumers. These blacklists are closely related to our life. Today, we will take you into the world of automotive glass and open the golden eye mode:

1. Misunderstanding of fake and shoddy automobile glass

Car owners buy cheap car glass: you are happy only at the moment you buy it! No time is happy or even fatal.

The above picture is a crazy picture of a car accident on the Internet. In fact, buying fake and shoddy car glass saves a little money and satisfies a temporary pleasure, but it will be scary in the future! You know, if you are lucky, you may not need to replace the car glass all your life. Why should you worry about yourself for this benefit? Safety is priceless!

Selling fake goods to make huge profits: some small manufacturers make and sell low-quality fake and shoddy auto glass to make huge profits in order to save costs.

You know, this kind of behavior is illegal. For this benefit, you have to face the disaster of imprisonment and mental guilt. Just because this piece of fake and shoddy car glass may destroy a family & hellip& hellip;

Fakes are rampant in the auto glass market. Who gave them a chance? How many fake and shoddy car glasses are there?

Take a look at the recent anti-counterfeiting notice of Fuyao Group, a professional supplier of automotive glass, and the reports of major media on fake and shoddy automotive glass:

The original fake and shoddy car glass is close at hand!

Thousands of fake and shoddy car glasses flow to the market every month. If they are installed in cars, it will directly put thousands of families at risk. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many fake and shoddy glass that has not been found are still in circulation, threatening the life safety of the majority of drivers and passengers.

2. Harm of fake and shoddy automobile glass

According to the statistics of relevant departments, among the traffic accidents in recent years, about 10% of drivers and passengers were injured because of unqualified car glass, and the death rate increased by 2%. So, what are the potential safety hazards of unqualified automobile glass on the market?

Poor penetration resistance and impact resistance of fake and shoddy automobile glass: after high-quality real glass is broken, the fragment particles are small and free of edges and corners, which is not easy to hurt people; After the fake and shoddy car glass is broken, the fragments are large and some have edges and corners, which is very easy to hurt the drivers and passengers.

Inferior glass will make the driver feel dizzy: inferior windshield is like concave convex mirror. The scene seen by the driver through the window is deformed, which is called light distortion. Although it is not obvious, it is easy to make the driver's eyes tired and produce illusion. Driving for a long time is easy to cause traffic accidents.

3. True and false discrimination

Look at the glass trademark: the trademark is divided into high-temperature mark and low-temperature mark. The trademark of genuine automobile glass is generally high-temperature mark. The trademark font is clear and uniform, which is not easy to be removed by sharp objects such as nails, while the trademark of inferior glass is sprayed later, which is generally low-temperature mark. The ink is not clear, easy to stick and uneven. Therefore, the font and pattern look rough, with rough edges, which is easy to be removed.

Look at glass edging: genuine glass manufacturers have exquisite workmanship. Edging will be carried out around each piece of glass, which is very smooth and delicate by hand. The edges of fake glass are rough and irregular, which is easy to scratch your hands.

Look at the glass holder: most genuine glass has been installed at the time of production. The fake and shoddy car glass is generally just a piece of smooth plate glass. When replacing, you need to remove the mirror holder of the bad glass and stick it on the new glass with special glue. You have to be careful when you see this scene. The glass without mirror holder may be a fake or cheap product.

Anti counterfeiting label query: for example, each Fuyao accessory laminated glass will have an anti-counterfeiting label. You can call 40098868 to query the authenticity.

The simple distinction between true and false fake and shoddy auto glass is mainly from the workmanship and appearance, but the high imitation on the market can almost be false. Ordinary car owners must be difficult to distinguish the true and false auto glass. No matter how skillful you are in distinguishing the true from the false, there will inevitably be mistakes. Therefore, when purchasing, please identify the officially designated purchase channels and eliminate hidden dangers from the source, so as to effectively avoid the harm of fake and shoddy automobile glass.

Post time: 21-10-21